Taiyou Con will celebrate its 10th anniversary in January 2020.

Taiyou con is an anime convention in Mesa, Arizona. It’s great that it’s going to be their 10th anniversary for their con. They will celebrate their 10th anniversary for the con starting on January 3 – 5, 2020. Taiyou Con is my favorite con in Arizona, in my opinion, it’s the best con in Arizona. Hopefully, I can make it to the con in 2020 to make my next con video since I couldn’t make it last year. Their mascot name Sunny is very excited to celebrate the 10th anniversary with balloons. Also, for the future video Taiyou Con 2020 in January, it is planned to have more graphics and animations for the video. And yes, the masquerade will be included. Again, I hope I don’t miss the con again! For this con, they will continue to have the festival called the “Nikko Festival” which started in 2018. A guest has been announced, a YouTuber name ProZD will be at the con in 2020.

You can view my old Taiyou Con 2018 video here.

For Taiyou Con: All rights belong to the original owner, not me, just a fan.

For those who are going to Taiyou Con 2020, I hope to see you all there!


Anime con video updates: No Taiyou Con 2019 video in my channel in 2019. :(


Taiyou Con is an anime convention at Mesa Arizona. Taiyou Con is my favorite con in AZ and I’ve been attending there for years, there is a 2018 Taiyou Con video including the masquerade in my youtube channel and on my web page. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to Taiyou con 2019, which means no Taiyou Con 2019 video this year. I planned to attend that con before the beginning of January 2019 when the con started, but, I had to cancel that plan since something got in the way. Since Taiyou Con is my favorite con in AZ, I was sad that I couldn’t go this year to film. More Anime Con videos will be announced soon, stay tuned. Hopefully, I can make it to Taiyou con in 2020.

Visit Taiyou cons website.

Two more rhythm games live stream plans.

Posted: January 18, 2019.

First of all, I live-streamed Hatsune Miku Project Diva X and Future Tone back in 2017. Hatsune Miku Project Diva is a rhythm game that is playable on PlayStation, however, there are few Hatsune Miku Project Diva games that are exclusive in Japan. Hatsune Miku Project Diva X was the first rhythm game I ever live stream, then, there was Project Diva Future Tone. Back to rhythm games blog, I now have two different rhythm games which I am planning on live streaming, they are Voez and Invaxion. Voez is a rhythm game that playable on smartphones and Nintendo Switch. Invaxion is a new rhythm game that playable on pc and can be purchased at Steam. The voez live stream will start January 19th, but I’m still planning on Invaxion live stream schedule. For more live stream schedule, check out my live stream page.